7 Hand-Picked Church WordPress Themes You Shouldn’t Miss


The solution to these “church website blues” is to get the website upgraded to WordPress. Yes, you heard it right! Switching to WordPress powered church website can definitely allow you to gather huge crowds of people who’re looking for best churches in and around their area of residence. This blog brings to you a collection of 7 topmost WordPress Church themes you’ll love to have for your church website.

12 Fascinating Portfolio Websites


Whether you’re just starting a career in graphic design, web design, photography or in any other possible art domains, the first and most important thing you need to consider is your portfolio. But building an interesting and most appealing portfolio is not such an easy thing to do, not even for professional and experienced designers.
And if you don’t settle with plain C Vs featured on freelancer job portals it means you’ve already decided to have your own portfolio website. And that’s when the pain begins.

10 Inspiring Design Websites with Video Background


Videos are some of the most powerful visual tools, because they engage multiple human senses. This actually makes them ideal for presenting a product or brand and in a medium such as web design, in which they’re uncommon, they provide extra appeal for the visitors and create a memorable experience. So I thought we’d take a look today at the 10 most creative and intriguing design websites with a video background.

Let’s Get Inspired With Some Cool UI Elements


Every web designer knows that a website is nothing without a good user interface. That’s the border between human interaction and machines. A proper webdesign helps a user to operate or find the information a lot easier that it would’ve been a couple of years ago.

Great Looking Online Shop Website Designs for Inspiration


I noticed that many e-commerce websites are more keen on presenting their offers and as many products as possible and don’t keep in mind the visitor. Because of that, some online shops look heavily loaded with images and information and it’s hard to focus on one thing.

In my opinion, a successful online shop should be easy to navigate (intuitive), it must have a professional, clean, well spaced design (or a creative one, it depends on the shop and the products) and it must make you want to come back.

Incredibly Beautiful Photography Portfolio Websites


As a photographer, you are considered a creative professional so people have high expectations of you and your presentation website. Needless to say that your portfolio website must have a huge focus on your photographs, but it must also create a good general feeling. Some words that best describe a photography portfolio website are: clean, minimalist, airy, creative, intuitive, big images. Check out these photography portfolio websites I’ve gathered for you to inspire from.

Bon Apetit! Magnificent French Restaurant Website Designs


I have to say that researching for this piece has left me drooling and feeling hungry. We all know that French are famous for their passion for food and sweets. I think that French chefs are among the most talented in the world and I just love the way they put their imagination into practice when it comes to presentation. While I was looking for the most famous restaurants in France, I found out that they don’t give too much importance to their website (they must be busy making fabulous food). Nevertheless, here are some great examples of French cuisine restaurant website designs. Enjoy!

Some of The Most Creative and Inspiring Websites You’ve Ever Seen!


You probably know that there are so many websites out there, it’s like there was a “Big Bang” on the Internet in the past few years and websites&blogs appeared even more faster than mushrooms after rain. Because of this, each day is a harder struggle to make it on the web. In order to be noticed, your website/blog must stand out from the crowd, it must be creative, intuitive, it must have the right color scheme and other important attributes to succeed. Here is a list of websites and blogs we liked and we thought that they should represent a good inspiration to everyone.

40+ Examples of Outstanding One-Page Website Designs


With all the heavy content websites out there, it’s nice to run into a single-page website. The thing I love most about one-page websites is that you can quickly get to where you want to, you have all the important content in a single page and they have a great impact on the viewer.
Single-page websites are just the thing you are looking for if you want to design an online portfolio or to market a product or an event – they are usually great for less content.

80+ Grungy Website Designs To Boost Your Inspiration!


I bet you’ve noticed that the grunge website style is most commonly used by designers and freelancers in creating their online portfolios, making their websites look more creative and, besides that, it shows off their graphic skills. Nevertheless, you will see in the collection below that, besides the portfolio websites, there are grunge website designs which also have a clean look, so there are various ways to add grunge features to a website.

55 Green Website Designs for Your Inspiration


This post I think it has something to do with the fact that green is my favorite color. Nevertheless, you have to admit that green is a nice, fresh color. Green is usually associated with nature, ecology and it’s considered one of the additive primary colors.
In web design, most of these principle also apply. Green is thought to be one of the best colors for web designing because it’s refreshing and it makes you think of nature – and everybody loves nature (green grass, trees, plants and so on).

100+ Outstanding Minimal Website Designs – Part 2


In the previous article I was telling you that a website with a minimal design is characterized by the use of text and space at the maximum and it implies as few graphical elements as possible. Trying to design a website using “less” is actually harder than using “more”. These days, almost all website visitors have a big screen resolution, allowing the web designers to design some minimalistic masterpieces.