25 iPhone and Android Apps for Your Design Inspiration


This is a great market to branch out to, as a designer. Smartphones have completely exploded and, setting aside the Android vs. iOS vs. Windows debate, you can be sure there’s a lot of work to be done in mobile app design and the design of all the mobile-app related paraphernalia, be they website or something else entirely. That’s why we’ve selected 25 of our favorite iPhone and Android app designs to inspire you.

Free Flat User Interface Kit from Freepik.com


Since Microsoft launched the unique Metro UI, the market has been flooded with design resources created in this particular style, meant to help designers adapt to this emerging trend. Our friends from Freepik wanted to do just that, so they created this amazing flat user interface kit and are giving it away for free, through the Inky Deals website.

Design Inspiration: 10 Great Minimalist Portfolio Pages


Designers once believed that more equaled better. More options, more graphics and more words meant a more qualified and impressive portfolio. Providing your audience with this type of sensory overload can still have its place with the right company or product, but designers are now discovering that going the opposite direction can make an even bigger impact.

6 Websites for Finding Color Mix Inspiration


There are a lot of great websites out there for finding color inspiration, and each has a specific niche. Taken together, this list should fulfill all your searching needs, whether that means getting your imagination recharged by a variety of images, finding great stock or free photos, or making the perfect set of color palettes.

Inky’s FREE Web Design Bundle: 471 Premium Resources


Inky, the mascot of our sister website Inky Deals is back with another design bundle, this time dedicated to web designers and developers from all over the world. You probably noticed lately a few web design deals here and there. Inky’s branching out to provide you with a full range of premium products suited for any creative professional. And what better way to start than through one of his famous bundles? Completely free!

Convert Your PSD into a WordPress Theme with Codeinwp.com


Codeinwp.com is a motivated and dynamic team of creative professionals who launched their website back in 2010 and are one of the few in the business who offer quality PSD to WordPress theme conversion services. With their help, you can turn any one of your designs into a cross-browser compatible W3C Valid WordPress Theme.

Goal! 10 Amazing Photos Taken at Soccer Matches


A great photographer can find inspiration anywhere. And you never know when it might strike. When others might be kicking back and relaxing, some artists go to work. One of the things that unites us all worldwide is our love for sports, particularly being in the crowd cheering on the home team. Soccer stadiums have been known to draw some, uhm, eccentric people and even more questionable behavior. But they are also a great landscape for energy, excitement and emotions.

Top 20 Free & Inspiring PSD Website Themes


Most web designers browse around the web to get inspired to create a new design. I have taken some time to put together not only a list of inspiring website designs, but designs that are free for you to download. This is the ultimate collected on free PSD website themes. The best part is you can download these themes and use the elements within them to create your next masterpiece.

Best 8 Tips to Design Your First WordPress Theme


WordPress is a premier content management system that has gained immense popularity among web designers as well as bloggers. The easy to use interface and diverse customization options make it one of the most sought after CMS in the recent times. Here are some tips that are going to be extremely helpful for the web designers who are contributing to this active community by developing an exclusive WordPress design.

Inky Deals – The Launch of the New Website


Good news, guys! Today is a big day here at the Brainik Network – we’ve just launched the new and improved version of Inky’s website, Inkydeals.com. I’m sure you remember the lovable little blob with big blue eyes – he’s prepared some amazing surprises for you this week. And the only one I can tell you about is this $10 discount coupon: 10gift, available for only 48 hours!

InkyDeals Birthday Giveaway – Get a Kindle Fire HD & Much More


Hey there guys! Boy, do I have some news for you. Our sister site InkyDeals and its adorable mascot Inky, who I’m sure you’re familiar with by now, are celebrating their first birthday. Inky wanted to share this special day with you guys, who have been by his side and have helped him grow. So he decided to show his gratitude by hosting a huge birthday giveaway.

Web Design Inspiration: 20 Horizontal Scrolling Websites


As far as I can remember, not so many years ago horizontal scrolling websites were considered a pretty bad idea due to usability issues, and they still are, in some cases. But the truth is that, if it’s put to use wisely, this type of web design will not only give visitors a unique scrolling experience but it’ll also allow the developer to set his imagination free.