Inspirational Showcase: 20 Examples of Vintage Photography


Vintage is cool. We all love vintage and that’s probably why this style will never go out of fashion and I’m not talking only about clothing or accessories. It also applies to broader domains like graphic design or photography. Vintage is everywhere.

10 Impressive Vintage Designs & Resources


Vintage is probably one of the few styles that never goes out of fashion. Everybody loves vintage graphic design, vintage clothing, vintage house decorations and any other kind of possible art. And it doesn’t even matter if you are a young professional or a wise elder one. We are all fascinated by the beauty vintage represents, its scent of ‘good times’, its calm and inspiring colors but especially how great it looks.

10 Vector Badges Every Designer’s Library Should Contain


I hope you’re fully enjoying summertime, even if this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forget everything related to work and dive into endless vacations.
For today I have prepared a rather special collection of design resources to show you, a quite long-forgotten one on this blog, actually: vector badges.

10 Must-Have Free Floral Vector Resources


If I were to name one thing that never goes out of fashion in graphic design, I would most probably say floral vectors. And why would they? Floral vectors are awesome, they look great in almost any design project you could possibly have, whether it’s about seasons or holidays, and if they also have a little vintage twist, even better.

15 Fresh and Amazing Photoshop Actions


Get your hands on this ultimate collection of Ps actions that will help you create vintage engraved photos, static image sliders for presentations, 3D books in six positions, HDR images, high quality drop shadows, cinematic 3D texts, make-up retouches, pencil drawing effects, awesome comics from your photos, collages and much more. Furthermore, I’ve added in the mix two freebies: a reflection action and a set containing vintage, retro, old, sepia, monotone, retouch, black and white and artificial lighting effects. Enjoy!

15 Examples of Vintage Modernism in Web Design


Vintage modernism has been around as a trend in web design for a decade or so, but an exact definition and relevant examples are scarce. As Ian Yates put it in an insightful article, it’s all about “clean layout, sometimes even minimalist, strong typography, and attention to decoration and detail”. And because I believe that the easiest way to learn is through the power of example, let’s take a look at 15 websites created in true vintage modernist style.

20 Exquisite Vector Vintage Floral Frames


Today’s post contains 20 beautiful vector illustrations with vintage floral frames, which can be very useful in your design projects. You can use them to create wedding invitations, business cards, flyers, posters, backgrounds for product packaging, prints, web design and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your personal collection of design resources!

10 Inspiring Retro Seamless Patterns


Style wise, the 70′s were a wild period full of vivid colors, powerful symbols and a general positive outlook on life. That certainly permeated the world of design and some elements still appear in artworks and resources due to recurrent trends. With this in mind, I’ve put together a showcase of retro patterns that capture the essence of the hippie 70′s and give off that “oldies but goldies” vibe.

Freebies – 15 Vector Seamless Patterns


Part of today’s inspirational content is a cool showcase of free seamless patterns, which can prove to be real time-savers for any designer. You can use them in web design projects or vector illustrations for creating backgrounds that will add depth and consistency to your work, or for fashion and textile purposes, package design and much more.

Let’s Get Nostalgic with Some Vintage Vector Designs!


Some people might say that vintage designs are considered outdated and that they look old, dull and unattractive. We don’t agree with that! And we’re sure that many feel the same way as us. We can’t deny that, in comparison to modern design, vintage themed designs are completely different, this type of design has a large variety of benefits that modern designers tend to overlook.
A vintage design creates a nostalgic feeling , it has the power of awakening memories and of involving a wider range of readers, even though they might not realize it. Vintage is “something else”, it’s an out of the box design, it’s the reinterpretation of the past in today’s design – and not everybody succeeds to accomplish it.

Web Design Inspiration – Texture Must-haves


Seeing as last time we talked about patterns, I though I would continue the discussion and show you today some awesome textures that can prove useful in almost any design project. I’ve rounded up the basic ten textures that practically pop up around you, everywhere you look. I think the environment surrounding us can be [...]

Let Your Imagination Fly with Amazing Angel Illustrations


Because the winter holidays are approaching at a fast pace, I’ve prepared for you today some seasonal inspiration in the form of some awesome angel illustrations. Angels are ever-present in our hearts and… within our decorations in this period. They offer comfort, hope and glittery goodness on the top of our Christmas tree. Just take [...]