15 Flat & Modern Thanksgiving Vector Illustrations


In recent years, more and more people from all around the world are attracted by the spirit and message of this holiday. It’s gotten to the point where this holiday is a pretty big deal not only in the USA, but also in most of the Western world. This Thanksgiving, inspired by the spirit of togetherness and thankfulness of the holiday, we’ve put together a list of our favorite 15 flat vector resources and illustrations from around the web.

24 Inspirational Flat Vector Illustrations


Metro is a very modern and clean design language which was initially created by Microsoft to be used on the Windows phone. The main principle is that content focuses on typography rather than graphics.
This style’s application in vector art results in very clean and modern illustrations, called flat vector illustrations. Whether they’re used to create icons, backgrounds, ornaments, charts, design entire user interfaces, or just to experiment, flat vector images are found in designs all over the web and they are becoming increasingly popular.

Surrealist Artworks: 25 Inspiring Vector Illustrations


Have you ever felt the need to escape this world and its rules? Have you ever imagined how it would it be like if your dreams came true? Literally speaking. How would it be like if you’d live in a universe where you’d swim through the clouds, and fly above the ocean? Well, I’d really like to know that too, but I can’t seem to find the secret magic formula.
But there’s there’s also some good news: being a creative individual you can use your imagination to create a different world, your own wonderful world where you step in through your graphic design artworks. Whenever you want to escape from reality, let your work become the window to your universe where there isn’t any restriction or limit.

10 Outstanding Back-to-School Designs


I know it may seem that I somehow ignored some of this month’s holidays or major events, but trust me, I didn’t forget about them. And to prove that to you, I decided to talk today about one of this month’s significant events, Back to School.

10 Impressive Vintage Designs & Resources


Vintage is probably one of the few styles that never goes out of fashion. Everybody loves vintage graphic design, vintage clothing, vintage house decorations and any other kind of possible art. And it doesn’t even matter if you are a young professional or a wise elder one. We are all fascinated by the beauty vintage represents, its scent of ‘good times’, its calm and inspiring colors but especially how great it looks.

7 Awesome Tribal Artworks


We all know them. Some of us already have them tattooed on our skin, others plan on doing so and the rest of us just like to admire them on others.
Tribal designs keep fascinating us in various ways and that’s probably why they are still requested in graphic design projects or why designers keep making them even just for fun.

10 Inspirational Retro & Floral Design Resources


There are a few styles and themes in graphic design that seem to never go out of fashion. Of course, sometimes it’s just a matter of personal taste, but we can’t help but notice that even though time goes by, styles change, currents come and go and so on, some things survive all of these and manage to keep themselves on top of our preferences.

10 Vector Badges Every Designer’s Library Should Contain


I hope you’re fully enjoying summertime, even if this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forget everything related to work and dive into endless vacations.
For today I have prepared a rather special collection of design resources to show you, a quite long-forgotten one on this blog, actually: vector badges.

12 Music-Themed Design Resources


Music is an important part in most people’s lives regardless of our gender, race, cultural background and so on. Either you enjoy listening to music on the train, bus, at home, in the club or when walking down the streets, singing in the shower or wherever else possible, we all love music in our own ways.
And since music is clearly so present in our lives, it’s no wonder that many graphic design projects you will have along the way will be music-related.

10 Beautiful People Illustrations and Design Resources


Hey, guys! It’s time for our weekly inspiration share and, since last week we talked about American Flag Designs and that’s pretty much the biggest holiday we’ll be having this month, I decided to talk to you today about…us.
I mean, not us-us. But about us as people. People graphic designs are very often met, all kinds of designers love making them because they look so cool in the end and they can be used in lots of purposes, especially in merchandise.

12 Amazing American Flag Designs


Since May is almost over and we’re about to embrace one of the most beautiful summer months, June, I decide to talk to you about one of the most important holidays that will take place then.
Yes, your guess is correct. I’m talking about Flag Day, which takes place every year, on June 14. On this special day, Americans not only celebrate the adoption of the United States flag, but also the Army Birthday.

12 Fresh Summer Design Resources


I don’t know about you guys, but for me, this short vacation that just passed was too darn short. And in my denial of having to get back to work and in the city, I’ve decided to talk today about most beautiful of all seasons and holidays: summer.
So without any further babbling, here’s a most heart-warming collection of 12 summer design resources I stumbled upon recently.