Design Inspiration: 25 Awesome Gothic Vector Illustrations


“Gothic” is kind of a catch-all term nowadays, in that it can mean whatever you want it to mean. Still, most of the meanings that come to mind when thinking of the word have a touch of macabre to them. Usually, “gothic” designates something scary, most of the times something that involves death and/or pessimism. Even so, the style was quickly associated with a bunch of arts, like painting, sculpture and modern day graphic design.

Draw Design Inspiration from Free Japanese Vector Illustrations


I thought we would gather some fresh inspirational forces for the weekend today with a showcase of amazing Japanese vector art. This particular style became a trend at some point in the graphic design domain because of its intricacy and particular use of color. Certain vector elements such as geishas, bonsai and cherry trees, koi [...] gives back some design lovin’ with a special promotion for its Facebook fans! Don’t miss it!


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Let Your Mind Wonder with Great Travel Design Ideas


Artists draw inspiration for their work from life experiences, feelings, people and mainly their inhabited environment. A great part of the world lives in urban surroundings and thus, numerous illustrations with this theme are created. Some appreciate the fast pace of the city life and on the other hand, some enjoy the calm and quiet [...]

Let Your Imagination Fly – Birds Design Inspiration


Even though spring seems further and further away because of these mountains of snow that are falling upon us, I am set on spreading the warm feeling through some awesome design resources. So I’ve chosen for today beautiful and funny illustrations with birds. When you think of spring you automatically see flowers, feel the warmth [...]

Web Design Inspiration – Texture Must-haves


Seeing as last time we talked about patterns, I though I would continue the discussion and show you today some awesome textures that can prove useful in almost any design project. I’ve rounded up the basic ten textures that practically pop up around you, everywhere you look. I think the environment surrounding us can be [...]

Valentine’s Day Design Resources – Share the Love


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you’re probably already thinking about how to show your special someone how much you love them. So I’ve decided to give you a helping hand and set you on the right track with some heart-melting design resources. We’ve got all you need from Valentine’s Day cards, backgrounds [...]

Graphic Design Inspiration – Flower Power!


There’s no need to further describe to you what we are going to talk about today. Florals all the way! Patterns, backgrounds, illustrations, vintage, grunge, cute, you name it. And if you’re asking yourself why we are talking about flowers during the winter, I have the simplest explanation for you. There’s a saying in my [...]

T-shirt Designs that Pop Out!


Today, I thought we could take a look at some awesome T-shirt designs that will get your inspirational juices flowing. How we dress has become such a big part of our lives, because it is the main way in which we express ourselves on a day to day basis. So I decided to take a [...]

Graphic Design Inspired by People


Illustrations are inspired by so many different things surrounding us. Artists get their ideas from natural or urban scenery, objects, hobbies, personal experiences and of course, other people. They’re a never ending flow of  inspiration and have been immortalized because of what they look like, say, think or the things they’ve done. So today we’re [...]