Design Inspiration: 20 Must-Have Funny T-shirt Designs


T-shirts can be thought of as canvases, since they are really easy to make, and don’t stand out by themselves. This makes them a brilliant outlet for creativity, and an excellent way to advertise your personality. A designer yourself, you can undoubtedly appreciate a cool, clever and funny design on a T-shirt.

12 Amazing American Flag Designs


Since May is almost over and we’re about to embrace one of the most beautiful summer months, June, I decide to talk to you about one of the most important holidays that will take place then.
Yes, your guess is correct. I’m talking about Flag Day, which takes place every year, on June 14. On this special day, Americans not only celebrate the adoption of the United States flag, but also the Army Birthday.

Design Resources Showcase: Sea Creatures


I put together an awesome collection of design resources today and chose “under the sea” as a theme. What does this mean for you guys? A Photoshop brushes pack, a cool vector pack, a funky octopus T-shirt design, two Photoshop .psd files and a lot of vector illustrations with sea creatures such as different species of fish, sharks, octopuses, calamari, crabs, sea horses, snails, shells and all the marine fauna you can imagine!

15 Most Awesome Free Vector Wings


For today, I’ve put together another cool collection of free vectors for you guys: wings. They’re an amazing resource because you can integrate them in so many of your projects. You can add them as elements on T-shirt designs, patterns, backgrounds, logos, emblems, crests and heraldry and even as tattoo inspiration.

10 Great Custom T-Shirt Design Examples


In the last ten years custom T-shirts have become a significant trend; and there’s a good reason for that: they are awesome. It’s amazingly fun to walk around wearing a custom T-shirt with personal significance. They are a fantastic way to commemorate events, achievements, social gatherings, clubs, organizations, and teams.

Draw Design Inspiration from Free Japanese Vector Illustrations


I thought we would gather some fresh inspirational forces for the weekend today with a showcase of amazing Japanese vector art. This particular style became a trend at some point in the graphic design domain because of its intricacy and particular use of color. Certain vector elements such as geishas, bonsai and cherry trees, koi [...]

10 Inspiring T-shirt Designs


Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed that in the last couple of years the t-shirt designs changed a lot. Nowadays there are a lot of bright, colorful t-shirts with lots of details. Sometimes these designs look very good, but not always. That’s why designers should pay attention to what’s acceptable and what what’s too [...]

T-shirt Designs that Pop Out!


Today, I thought we could take a look at some awesome T-shirt designs that will get your inspirational juices flowing. How we dress has become such a big part of our lives, because it is the main way in which we express ourselves on a day to day basis. So I decided to take a [...]

Let Your Imagination Fly with Amazing Angel Illustrations


Because the winter holidays are approaching at a fast pace, I’ve prepared for you today some seasonal inspiration in the form of some awesome angel illustrations. Angels are ever-present in our hearts and… within our decorations in this period. They offer comfort, hope and glittery goodness on the top of our Christmas tree. Just take [...]

The biggest graphic design bundle ever from!


Inky Deals is officially kicking off the holiday season with the biggest graphic design bundle ever! Inky wrapped a red bow around all your favorite design goodies and included them in this awesome pack: Photoshop textures, WordPress themes, PSD’s, PS actions, fonts, vectors, web elements, patterns and much more!