10 Mind-Blowing Black & White T-Shirt Designs


T-shirt design is a pretty wide-spread activity amongst graphic designers, I’m sure you already know that. And why is this thing happening? Well, basically because t-shirt designs are cool. And cool t-shirt designs are even cooler. And if they’re also black & white, I get speechless.
Here’s a collection of 10 mind-blowing t-shirt designs that will make your remember why you love black & white art, graphic design and this blog.

Scary Design Inspiration – Skull Illustrations


If you are seeking some seriously scary illustrations today, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a look at a selection of dark, gruesome, gloomy, freaky and absolutely inspiring vector skulls! The market for grunge and edgy designs is huge, so these illustrations will surely be of help in your present or [...]

Showcase of 30 Jaw-Dropping Designs with Skulls


Skulls are, among others, some of the most used elements in graphic design. Artists can blend them in almost any type of design and they are most often used in the apparel industry. They go amazingly well with floral elements, wings, heraldry, animals, text and so much more. Let me show you what I mean: [...]