15 Flat & Modern Thanksgiving Vector Illustrations


In recent years, more and more people from all around the world are attracted by the spirit and message of this holiday. It’s gotten to the point where this holiday is a pretty big deal not only in the USA, but also in most of the Western world. This Thanksgiving, inspired by the spirit of togetherness and thankfulness of the holiday, we’ve put together a list of our favorite 15 flat vector resources and illustrations from around the web.

Icons Showcase: 10 Simple iOS Icon Designs


Just like people who talk too much to hide a lack of confidence, over-working your iOS icon designs could have the opposite effect to the one you want them to achieve. It’s a balancing act. It takes bravery to hold back, and a confident designer to balance the space-versus-dead-air debate.

Top 10 Most Famous Internet Memes & Their Popularity Stories


Do you have the feeling that you’ve already seen those faces? No, no, please don’t hurry up to visit your therapist. You are not trapped in the “Groundhog Day”. You could encounter them surfing the internet or checking your social media account, as you are viewing the compilation of 10 most famous and funniest internet memes. Do you know how quickly they spread over the www? Would you like to know their secret? They’d love to share it, so let’s try to find the answer right now, in our post.

Design Inspiration: 25 Awesome Gothic Vector Illustrations


“Gothic” is kind of a catch-all term nowadays, in that it can mean whatever you want it to mean. Still, most of the meanings that come to mind when thinking of the word have a touch of macabre to them. Usually, “gothic” designates something scary, most of the times something that involves death and/or pessimism. Even so, the style was quickly associated with a bunch of arts, like painting, sculpture and modern day graphic design.

10 Inspiring Cinco de Mayo Vector Illustrations


Hi there, guys! Since I suppose some of you are already gone on vacation, others are getting ready to leave and others are busy hating the all the above mentioned, I decided to write a quickie today, so that you don’t get too bored reading it.
And to show you that I don’t only think about myself when I write here, I’ve put together for you today a really cute and inspiring showcase of 10 vector illustrations for Cinco de Mayo.

10 Powerful Politics-Related Graphic Designs and Resources


Politics is a very important aspect of our day-to-day lives, even though we are not equally involved in it. But it’s a fact that we all are. Even those who claim not be interested at all in it. They’re just lying to themselves, don’t worry. And to the ones who disagree with what I’m saying, I dare you to start a discussion about politics while hanging out with people, whenever, wherever you want. And then let me know how that went.

15 Unbelievable Photo Manipulation Artworks


We’re going to get inspired today from a collection of 15 breathtaking photo manipulations that will blow you away. This is an area in which Adobe Photoshop is broadly used because it enables mixing real photos with digital artistic elements and where new talented artists emerge constantly. Photo manipulation simply manages to bring together the best of both worlds: photography and graphic design. And I’m going to prove it to you.

Beautiful and Special “Happy Birthday” Wallpapers


Birthdays are always a happy occasion and nothing is spared in order to make them special for our loved ones: presents, parties and wishes through all the modern mediums. To make sure your message gets through, you can create a personalized “Happy birthday!” design using these awesome wallpapers.

Cool Collection of Vector Comic Book Exclamations


The comic book/Pop Art styles are ones of the most prominent in art history. Easily recognizable, colorful and playful, it’s hard not to fall in love with them; they kind of connect us to our inner child. So today I thought I’d take you down memory lane with an awesome showcase of vector comic book exclamations. I’ve included a few vector sets (one of which is huge), vector illustrations and of course, some freebies.

Design Inspiration – Vector Zodiac Characters


The zodiac is a belt-shaped astronomical region in the middle of which is the ecliptic (or the sun’s path). It’s divided into twelve constellations, which in astrology represent birth signs. Whether or not you’re a believer or follower of the horoscope, the awesome and funny vector sets with the zodiac characters will surely come in handy in your design projects.

Typeface Showcase: 15 Amazing Free Fonts


Today’s dose of design inspiration comes in the form of an awesome showcase with the most appreciated free fonts found on Behance. Fonts are really flexible design resources and essential in numerous design projects including vector illustrations, web design, T-shirt design, print, product packaging and more. The right font can make or break a top quality design, so let’s start adding premium typefaces to your personal collection of design resources today!