FlatIcon.com: Pick Icons without Limits


There is a new free tool for designers and developers made by Freepik’s team (remember they also developed by Joaquin Cuenca the free CSS3 free tool CSSMatic), called Flat Icon. In Flat Icon you can find nearly 3,000 free icons you can download as webfont, so you can use them in all your projects, SVG and PNG. All of them are scalable and accessible to each screen reader. In Freepik they are looking for gives you the best performance of the icon whatever device you use.

15 Free Sets of 3D Vector Icons


As part of today’s inspirational content I thought it’d be nice to share with you some really cute and free 3D vector icons. Vector freebies are currently some of the most searched for design resources, which can not only enrich your personal collection of resources, but also keep you in touch with the latest design trends.
From web design projects, to beautiful business cards, logos or vector illustrations – they easily come in handy because they’re really versatile.

Design Resources: 10 Free Diversified Vector Packs


Today I’ve put together for you guys a small collection of 10 awesome free vector packs and I tried to make it as diversified as possible, so that you can really have where to choose from. Vectors are one of the most important design resources that can be used for a variety of projects from logos, backgrounds, banners, business card templates, wallpapers or detailed vector illustrations to amazing T-shirt designs.

20 Top-Quality Free UI Kits


A lot of things can be said when trying to answer the question ‘ What makes a user interface design excellent? ‘ . Numerous fellow developers may come up with thousands of opinions and arguments, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they will all agree on this one: it’s all about appearance and usability. Now, since none of you is crazy enough to disagree with these web design basics, I’ve put together this awesome collection of free UI kits which I’m sure will be more than useful to many of you developers out there, and not only.

20 Free Back to School Vector Sets


A new school year is about to start, so I thought I’d give you guys a hand and put together a collection of free quality vector sets to get your autumn projects started. What does this mean? You get to quickly browse through the design resources I hand-picked for you today rather than surfing the Internet for hours on end. Then, you choose (and download) your vector students, backpacks, rulers, clipboards, blackboards, graduation caps, mascots and much more.

20 Fresh Free Fonts for Your Web Designs


I noticed how web design resources were appreciated among last month’s posts and thought I’d put together a fresh new collection for your personal stash. It’s vital to constantly update it and instead of wasting time individually searching for what you need, you can simply bookmark/download the awesome free web design fonts I hand-picked for you guys today.

15 Fresh and Amazing Photoshop Actions


Get your hands on this ultimate collection of Ps actions that will help you create vintage engraved photos, static image sliders for presentations, 3D books in six positions, HDR images, high quality drop shadows, cinematic 3D texts, make-up retouches, pencil drawing effects, awesome comics from your photos, collages and much more. Furthermore, I’ve added in the mix two freebies: a reflection action and a set containing vintage, retro, old, sepia, monotone, retouch, black and white and artificial lighting effects. Enjoy!

Typeface Showcase: 15 Amazing Free Fonts


Today’s dose of design inspiration comes in the form of an awesome showcase with the most appreciated free fonts found on Behance. Fonts are really flexible design resources and essential in numerous design projects including vector illustrations, web design, T-shirt design, print, product packaging and more. The right font can make or break a top quality design, so let’s start adding premium typefaces to your personal collection of design resources today!

11 Free Photorealistic Vector Elements


Photorealism is an artistic movement that originates from the late 1960s – early 1970s United States and initially involved paintings created to seem photographic. Since then, it has managed to permeate the field of graphic design and transpose into some amazing vector illustrations – which you could swear were raster images. Today, I put together for you guys a showcase of free photorealistic vectors, which you can use to set yourself apart from the competition.

10 Free Sets of Vector Scrapbook Elements


Digital scrapbooking is a popular activity, because it’s an easy, enjoyable and long-lasting method of creating the perfect setting for your family memories or personal projects. The advantage of vector scrapbook elements is that they look great at any resolution, so you can easily use them for printing purposes. Put your creative muscles to use in creating visually appealing cards, invitations, calendars, CD covers and much more with these awesome free sets.

15 Free Top Quality Web Design Resources


For today, I put together a small but hardy collection of free web design resources containing: vector florals, labels, advertisement coupons, tags, ribbons, PSD price tags, Photoshop and Illustrator graphic styles, an awesome free WordPress theme, CSS3 buttons with hover effect and the biggest GUI pack you’ve ever seen.