Design Resources: 31 Free Flat User Interface Kits


Metro style, also known as flat design was fathered by Microsoft in order to be used by on the Windows Phone. The design is based on a minimal approach, stripping the user interface to its core elements. The flat UI is becoming increasingly popular as it is easy to use, it offers good functionality and has a very elegant look.

Free Flat User Interface Kit from


Since Microsoft launched the unique Metro UI, the market has been flooded with design resources created in this particular style, meant to help designers adapt to this emerging trend. Our friends from Freepik wanted to do just that, so they created this amazing flat user interface kit and are giving it away for free, through the Inky Deals website.

10 Must-Have Free Floral Vector Resources


If I were to name one thing that never goes out of fashion in graphic design, I would most probably say floral vectors. And why would they? Floral vectors are awesome, they look great in almost any design project you could possibly have, whether it’s about seasons or holidays, and if they also have a little vintage twist, even better.

Inky’s FREE Web Design Bundle: 471 Premium Resources


Inky, the mascot of our sister website Inky Deals is back with another design bundle, this time dedicated to web designers and developers from all over the world. You probably noticed lately a few web design deals here and there. Inky’s branching out to provide you with a full range of premium products suited for any creative professional. And what better way to start than through one of his famous bundles? Completely free!

Top 20 Free & Inspiring PSD Website Themes


Most web designers browse around the web to get inspired to create a new design. I have taken some time to put together not only a list of inspiring website designs, but designs that are free for you to download. This is the ultimate collected on free PSD website themes. The best part is you can download these themes and use the elements within them to create your next masterpiece.

20 High-Quality Thanksgiving Freebies & Resources


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, guys, so it’s time to buckle-up and start looking for the most amazing design resources that can get you as inspired as possible. I’ve decided to break the ice by putting together for you this really nice and useful collection of 20 high-quality Thanksgiving freebies and resources. Gobble gobble!

Web Design Inspiration: 15 “Under Construction” Pages & Freebie


To give you guys a head start on the weekend, I’ve put together an inspirational showcase of the most awesome “under construction” pages out there. Most of the websites have evolved since then, but the legend of their initial page remains. In addition to the much needed inspiration, I’ve also found a free PSD template for you to use when building an “under construction” page for your own website.

Freebies: 20 Awesome Sets of Labels and Tags


To help you complete your personal collection of design resources, I’ve put together today a collection of free vector and .psd labels and tags. What you can download are some traditional labels and tags and also elegant ones or colorful, origami, vintage, eco-friendly, grunge, leather, Easter and much more! They’re just perfect for product packaging, marking new products on your website and various vector illustrations.

Freebies – 11 Impressive T-shirt Designs


I’ve put together a showcase of cool free T-shirt designs for you guys today. They contain popular elements such as skulls, crests, tribal, urban and grunge elements and a couple of amazing geisha illustrations that you’re definitely not going to find anywhere else. Enjoy!

Surreal Design Inspiration: Mythical Creatures Illustrations


I propose we take a trip down an imaginary lane today and draw some fantastic design inspiration through premium vector illustrations depicting all sorts of mythological monsters: dragons, centaurs, chimeras, the legendary Medusa and much more! On top of all these, I’ve also prepared a cool vector freebie for you guys, which you can use as a starting point in your design projects.

Delicate Design Resources – 10 Free Floral Ps Brushes


Today I thought surprising you with some web design resources – some simple floral Photoshop brushes. As you may know, web design is an important part of any successful website, and graphic designers tend to spend a lot of money on design resources so their projects would be as good as they could be.

Web Design Inspiration – 10 Free Icon Sets


Web design is a powerful branch of the graphic design business, which provides the two with a lot of common ground to stand on. Web designers also stack up on premium design resources for their projects and have to deal with fickle clients and inspirational dry spells. With this in mind, I thought I’d offer [...]