Icons Showcase: 10 Simple iOS Icon Designs


Just like people who talk too much to hide a lack of confidence, over-working your iOS icon designs could have the opposite effect to the one you want them to achieve. It’s a balancing act. It takes bravery to hold back, and a confident designer to balance the space-versus-dead-air debate.

Design Resources: 31 Free Flat User Interface Kits


Metro style, also known as flat design was fathered by Microsoft in order to be used by on the Windows Phone. The design is based on a minimal approach, stripping the user interface to its core elements. The flat UI is becoming increasingly popular as it is easy to use, it offers good functionality and has a very elegant look.

25 iPhone and Android Apps for Your Design Inspiration


This is a great market to branch out to, as a designer. Smartphones have completely exploded and, setting aside the Android vs. iOS vs. Windows debate, you can be sure there’s a lot of work to be done in mobile app design and the design of all the mobile-app related paraphernalia, be they website or something else entirely. That’s why we’ve selected 25 of our favorite iPhone and Android app designs to inspire you.

FlatIcon.com: Pick Icons without Limits


There is a new free tool for designers and developers made by Freepik’s team (remember they also developed by Joaquin Cuenca the free CSS3 free tool CSSMatic), called Flat Icon. In Flat Icon you can find nearly 3,000 free icons you can download as webfont, so you can use them in all your projects, SVG and PNG. All of them are scalable and accessible to each screen reader. In Freepik they are looking for gives you the best performance of the icon whatever device you use.

10 Powerful Politics-Related Graphic Designs and Resources


Politics is a very important aspect of our day-to-day lives, even though we are not equally involved in it. But it’s a fact that we all are. Even those who claim not be interested at all in it. They’re just lying to themselves, don’t worry. And to the ones who disagree with what I’m saying, I dare you to start a discussion about politics while hanging out with people, whenever, wherever you want. And then let me know how that went.

12 Beautiful Spring-Calling Design Resources


I know some of you will probably wonder what the hell am I doing writing a post about spring when winter is clearly not done with us yet. Well, to be honest, I don’t exactly know why I’m doing this either. But I do know one thing: that I’m constantly craving for that beautiful spring weather, the blossom trees, the butterflies and warm rays of sunshine. I also like to think that what I do might somehow convince spring to arrive earlier.

10 One of a Kind Japanese Design Resources

10-One-of-a-Kind Japanese-Design-Resources-10

I decided to share with you today one of my oldest obsessions: Japanese culture. Ever since I was this little I was fascinated by all those tales of dragons, Geishas and ninjas, they were a big part of my childhood and my love for them is far from gone even up to this day.
And since everything we are influences our work, I will show you now 10 amazing Japanese design resources that are just waiting for that graphic designer who would make the best out of them.

Design Inspiration: 10 Mind-Blowing Examples of Infographics


Knowledge is power, we’ve all heard this before. But when knowledge meets technology and talent, amazing things happen. And to prove my point here, I’ve put together for you guys today an amazing collection of 10 Infographic examples that what will most surely blow you away.

10 Awesome Movie Characters Artworks


I’ve hand picked 10 awesome vector illustrations with some of the most popular movie characters of all time: Superman, Frankenstein, Edward Scissorhands and Sherlock Holmes, to name a few. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy seeing them again and hopefully they will also fit as unconventional, yet awesome design resources in your current projects.

12 Awe-inspiring Free Vector Skulls


I’ve prepared a showcase of free vector skulls for you guys today. Most of them share a scary, grungy look, but I’ve managed to also sneak in a more varied free vector pack and a sugar skull, which would be perfect for one of your design projects related to Mexican culture, religion and the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). Also, you can always use them as a starting point and even central element of T-shirt designs, posters, wallpapers and much more.

Japanese Design Inspiration: Samurai and Ninja Vector Illustrations


For all designers and design enthusiasts out there who are looking for some badass inspiration, I’ve got exactly what you need! I’ve put together for you today a showcase of awesome Japanese themed vector illustrations with ninjas and samurais, that I hope will inspire you. Also, I’m going to share with you a couple of amazing vector packs that will surely prove to be useful design resources.

20 Inspiring Coca-Cola Advertising Concepts


Advertisements are one of the greatest sources of design inspiration out there. So many mediums from the audio-visual field come together to form a complete package, which manages to create an impact on viewers. Today we’re going to focus on the visual with some amazing illustrations and a bit of photo manipulation, created for one of the most widespread companies in the world: Coca-Cola.