10 Impressive Vintage Designs & Resources


Vintage is probably one of the few styles that never goes out of fashion. Everybody loves vintage graphic design, vintage clothing, vintage house decorations and any other kind of possible art. And it doesn’t even matter if you are a young professional or a wise elder one. We are all fascinated by the beauty vintage represents, its scent of ‘good times’, its calm and inspiring colors but especially how great it looks.

10 Inspirational Retro & Floral Design Resources


There are a few styles and themes in graphic design that seem to never go out of fashion. Of course, sometimes it’s just a matter of personal taste, but we can’t help but notice that even though time goes by, styles change, currents come and go and so on, some things survive all of these and manage to keep themselves on top of our preferences.

10 Beautiful People Illustrations and Design Resources


Hey, guys! It’s time for our weekly inspiration share and, since last week we talked about American Flag Designs and that’s pretty much the biggest holiday we’ll be having this month, I decided to talk to you today about…us.
I mean, not us-us. But about us as people. People graphic designs are very often met, all kinds of designers love making them because they look so cool in the end and they can be used in lots of purposes, especially in merchandise.

12 Amazing American Flag Designs


Since May is almost over and we’re about to embrace one of the most beautiful summer months, June, I decide to talk to you about one of the most important holidays that will take place then.
Yes, your guess is correct. I’m talking about Flag Day, which takes place every year, on June 14. On this special day, Americans not only celebrate the adoption of the United States flag, but also the Army Birthday.

10 Must-Have Free Floral Vector Resources


If I were to name one thing that never goes out of fashion in graphic design, I would most probably say floral vectors. And why would they? Floral vectors are awesome, they look great in almost any design project you could possibly have, whether it’s about seasons or holidays, and if they also have a little vintage twist, even better.

Beautiful and Special “Happy Birthday” Wallpapers


Birthdays are always a happy occasion and nothing is spared in order to make them special for our loved ones: presents, parties and wishes through all the modern mediums. To make sure your message gets through, you can create a personalized “Happy birthday!” design using these awesome wallpapers.

10 Inspiring Design Websites with Video Background


Videos are some of the most powerful visual tools, because they engage multiple human senses. This actually makes them ideal for presenting a product or brand and in a medium such as web design, in which they’re uncommon, they provide extra appeal for the visitors and create a memorable experience. So I thought we’d take a look today at the 10 most creative and intriguing design websites with a video background.

10 of the Most Popular iPhone Wallpapers


Wallpapers are an increasingly popular design resource these days, so I thought I’d put together for you guys a collection of inspirational iPhone wallpapers. I’m hoping that you’ll like this change of scenery among the other posts and download and enjoy these unusual and interesting concepts. Most of them make use of photo manipulation and I’m telling you, you’re going to be impressed.

Huge Collection of Free Floral Design Resources


I usually prepare for you guys a showcase containing a certain type of design resource, but today I thought I’d mix it up a bit and put together a collection of 33 free floral resources. What does this mean? Free vector illustrations, Photoshop brushes, textures, backgrounds, patterns and even a couple of awesome vector packs, all based on floral elements.

Green Is the New Black: 15 Eco-friendly Vector Illustrations


I thought we would pay a tribute to Mother Earth today through some meaningful vector illustrations: from animals telling the sad tale of how pollution affects their lives and an abstract image of cities’ contamination to vector shopping tags, maps, backgrounds, stickers and icons – we’ve got what it takes to paint today’s environmental picture.

15 Free Heartwarming Easter Design Resources


Since the holidays are just around the corner, I thought I’d help you prepare for your projects by putting together a showcase of free premium design resources. Easter is one of the major holidays in numerous countries all around the globe, with predominantly Christian traditions, the most famous of which are dying eggs and baking [...]

Deluxe Design Resources – 10 Free Gold Vector Illustrations


I was thinking what to inspire you with today and this awesome design bundle gave me a great idea! So I put together a showcase of freebies for you guys, containing exclusively gold vector illustrations. I’ve made sure that these precious design resources are diversified, so we’re going to take a look at some awesome [...]