30 Breathtaking Game Character Designs


One of the many forms of entertainment one gets as a result of our amazing technological advancement is video gaming. As an avid gamer and lover of everything design related, I’ve often stared in awe at some of the wonderful and astonishing character designs people have created over the years.

4 Photographic Conventions that Originated in Paintings

4-Chuck Close Portrait_2

Artists famous for painting and drawing portraits figured out a ton about composition, form, shape, shadow, and framing well before the camera ever made it big. The conventions they originated, back when spending months on a single portrait was the most efficient way to capture someone in the flesh, are conventions that still surface in photography today, many of which initially originated in paintings.

10 Powerful Politics-Related Graphic Designs and Resources


Politics is a very important aspect of our day-to-day lives, even though we are not equally involved in it. But it’s a fact that we all are. Even those who claim not be interested at all in it. They’re just lying to themselves, don’t worry. And to the ones who disagree with what I’m saying, I dare you to start a discussion about politics while hanging out with people, whenever, wherever you want. And then let me know how that went.

20 Inspiring Artworks Made by Romanian Illustrators


Just like I promised the last time, I brought you some really great design inspiration from Romania – I’m back now with brand new things to show you guys from our beautiful country. Today we’re going to talk about some of our best illustrators. Actually, we’re not going to talk much about them. I’ll just leave this beautiful selection of 20 inspiring artworks belonging to 5 talented artists talk for itself.

Showcase of 15 Musicians Fan Art Designs


Art chooses its ‘victims’ in the most random way possible, as a result of the artists’ permanent circle running in search for brand new inspiration sources.
To prove my point here with you, I chose music as our today’s graphic design inspiration source. The result of my research is an awesome showcase of 15 fan art designs that will perfectly match your more than useful design resources.

20 Mind Blowing Photorealistic Portraits


To create a digital portrait is not an easy task. It requires great skills, lots of patience, attention to details and last, but not least, a great amount of talent. Artists have done a great job creating digital portraits of famous people, but also of unknown faces. You wouldn’t believe that these portraits are not [...]