Design Inspiration: 20 Must-Have Funny T-shirt Designs


T-shirts can be thought of as canvases, since they are really easy to make, and don’t stand out by themselves. This makes them a brilliant outlet for creativity, and an excellent way to advertise your personality. A designer yourself, you can undoubtedly appreciate a cool, clever and funny design on a T-shirt.

7 Hand-Picked Church WordPress Themes You Shouldn’t Miss


The solution to these “church website blues” is to get the website upgraded to WordPress. Yes, you heard it right! Switching to WordPress powered church website can definitely allow you to gather huge crowds of people who’re looking for best churches in and around their area of residence. This blog brings to you a collection of 7 topmost WordPress Church themes you’ll love to have for your church website.

15 Flat & Modern Thanksgiving Vector Illustrations


In recent years, more and more people from all around the world are attracted by the spirit and message of this holiday. It’s gotten to the point where this holiday is a pretty big deal not only in the USA, but also in most of the Western world. This Thanksgiving, inspired by the spirit of togetherness and thankfulness of the holiday, we’ve put together a list of our favorite 15 flat vector resources and illustrations from around the web.

Icons Showcase: 10 Simple iOS Icon Designs


Just like people who talk too much to hide a lack of confidence, over-working your iOS icon designs could have the opposite effect to the one you want them to achieve. It’s a balancing act. It takes bravery to hold back, and a confident designer to balance the space-versus-dead-air debate.

Top 10 Most Famous Internet Memes & Their Popularity Stories


Do you have the feeling that you’ve already seen those faces? No, no, please don’t hurry up to visit your therapist. You are not trapped in the “Groundhog Day”. You could encounter them surfing the internet or checking your social media account, as you are viewing the compilation of 10 most famous and funniest internet memes. Do you know how quickly they spread over the www? Would you like to know their secret? They’d love to share it, so let’s try to find the answer right now, in our post.

25 iPhone and Android Apps for Your Design Inspiration


This is a great market to branch out to, as a designer. Smartphones have completely exploded and, setting aside the Android vs. iOS vs. Windows debate, you can be sure there’s a lot of work to be done in mobile app design and the design of all the mobile-app related paraphernalia, be they website or something else entirely. That’s why we’ve selected 25 of our favorite iPhone and Android app designs to inspire you.

Design Resources: Split A/B Testing in a Nutshell


A/B testing, split testing, randomized controlled experiments, online controlled experiments – what do all these word combinations tell you? UX designers are surely aware that all of the enumerated terms have the same meaning; nevertheless, let’s clear up the matter for the rest of the readers. Actually, the explanation is rather simple: split testing is a specialized method of marketing research, which uses random experiments offering a limited choice of two A and B options. In web development, marketing and user experience design, the test is mainly aimed on highlighting the amendments that should be inserted into web pages (banners, advertisements, newsletters and so on) to augment the traffic, click-through or conversion rates.

Designing Your Business Card: Make the Most Out of the Smallest Spaces


Despite what some may think, the business card has not become a vestigial part of the business world, rather it has evolved. It’s a defining way to advertise yourself, to let people know exactly who you are, what you do, and how they can contact you. The major difference between the business card of today and the business card of 20 years ago isn’t huge, but it is significant enough to note.

6 Websites for Finding Color Mix Inspiration


There are a lot of great websites out there for finding color inspiration, and each has a specific niche. Taken together, this list should fulfill all your searching needs, whether that means getting your imagination recharged by a variety of images, finding great stock or free photos, or making the perfect set of color palettes.

10 Powerful Politics-Related Graphic Designs and Resources


Politics is a very important aspect of our day-to-day lives, even though we are not equally involved in it. But it’s a fact that we all are. Even those who claim not be interested at all in it. They’re just lying to themselves, don’t worry. And to the ones who disagree with what I’m saying, I dare you to start a discussion about politics while hanging out with people, whenever, wherever you want. And then let me know how that went.

Design Inspiration: Top 15 Best Valentine’s Day Print Ads


Year after year, Valentine’s Day proves to be a highly entertaining holiday in the advertising world. It’s definitely a romantic holiday. But when you take those sweet and sentimental notions and put a creative spin on them, they become downright funny. We have compiled 15 of the all time best Valentine’s Day print ads from around the world. If these don’t spark your creative juices, they will at lease provide a few laughs!

Showcase of 15 Inspiring Postcard Designs


There’s more to postcards than sending a quick “wish you were here” to the folks back home. Postcards are also an effective and affordable marketing tool. Whether it’s to drum up new business, promote a new service or product, or raise awareness of your brand, printing postcards can be a brilliant way to get your details out there and bookmark your brand in people’s memories.