30 Fresh Free WordPress Themes


We live in a wonderful world, where you are not forced to start from scratch when designing a website. There are countless of website templates out there on the internet, just a mere Google search away. Quantity, though, does not equal quality, and you might find yourself spending too much time choosing which template to use.

20 Inspirational Photos of Romanian Cityscapes


Cities are where history is, if not necessarily made, than certainly written. Rural areas have peaceful tranquility, of course, but there is no denying that cities have life. Vibrant, agitated, awe-inspiring life. Walking down a city street you get to see so many things, all of which have a story behind them. From the people, to the buildings, the stores, and even the street art, every aspect of the city is teeming with life.

Get Inspired: 20 Breathtaking “Inside the Wave” Photographs


Surfing is a much loved sport and pass-time for many people. It gives the people who practice it a sense of togetherness with nature, and it also helps them focus on the things that matter most to them. It is also, pure and simply, a really fun thing to do. First observed in the late 18th century by European explorers in Polynesia, surfing was and still is an important part of native cultures.

20 Breathtaking Illustrations by Johannes Voß


We will kick-off this article by saying that Magic: The Gathering is a hugely fun game to play, and that if you have not played it yet, you should definitely give it a try. Trading card games are a fantastic way for illustrators to show off their skills, making miniature works of art that people interact with.

20 Unique and Unusual Furniture Designs for Your Inspiration


Design really is where art meets utility. As a designer, your job is making something that is useful and pretty to look at in the same time, and people come to you asking for uniqueness. They want something that is new and never before seen, but works like everything else, so people will be familiar with it. Nowhere is this more obvious than in furniture design.

20 Inspirational Examples of Food Photography


We’ve taken the time to compile a list of our favorite 20 examples of food photography in order to showcase this much underrated art, on one hand, and, on the other, in order to serve as design inspiration for any of you who may be photographers working in this field or just looking to expand your horizon with food photography.

10 Best Examples of Cool Responsive Website Designs to Inspire You


With the rise of mobile devices, building an appealing website that offers a great user experience has now become more complex. The art of creating a responsive website has emerged to make your website look perfect on various devices, eliminating the need to code separate sites for each platform.

Design Inspiration: 20 Must-Have Funny T-shirt Designs


T-shirts can be thought of as canvases, since they are really easy to make, and don’t stand out by themselves. This makes them a brilliant outlet for creativity, and an excellent way to advertise your personality. A designer yourself, you can undoubtedly appreciate a cool, clever and funny design on a T-shirt.

30 Inspirational Wallpapers to Ensure Your Creativity in 2014


Creativity, as you well know, is not just a passive trait. Creativity requires effort, practice and dedication. In many ways, creativity is the actual job, with design, writing, painting or any other artistic outlet just being a task you have to perform during the job. But lets not nit-pick. Unlike other jobs, at the end of the day you can look at your work and say you created something.

7 Hand-Picked Church WordPress Themes You Shouldn’t Miss


The solution to these “church website blues” is to get the website upgraded to WordPress. Yes, you heard it right! Switching to WordPress powered church website can definitely allow you to gather huge crowds of people who’re looking for best churches in and around their area of residence. This blog brings to you a collection of 7 topmost WordPress Church themes you’ll love to have for your church website.